Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Aaargh! They're back: The weird, wacky and not so wonderful Britain's Got Talent wannabes


    Human hamster: Stuart Kettell, from the Midlands, dresses as a rodent and runs in a hamster wheel. Yes, that's his whole act

    A motley collection of eccentrics and attention seekers — oh, and a few genuinely talented performers... it must be the start of the new series of Britain’s Got Talent.

    Among the wacky acts are a man who wears more than 200 pairs of pants, a human hamster and, as always, performing dogs.

    Architect Gary Craig, 52, who calls himself Geordie Pantsman, reveals to judges that his world record for wearing pants stands at 211. He needs an assistant to help him wriggle on pair after pair of the undergarments.

    Geordie Pantsman: Gary Craig from Northumberland puts on 211 pairs of pants in three minutes. But he does have an assistant

    In the first episode on Saturday night, look out for this year’s answer to Susan Boyle: Michael Collings, a 19-year-old IT worker who lives in a caravan in Plymouth. He has the same dowdy appearance twinned with a wonderful voice.

    Judge Amanda Holden has drawn comparisons between the singer Mr Collins and Susan Boyle. She admitted like in the case of Miss Boyle when she appeared on the show judges had been guilty of judging him by his looks.

    By Royal command: Ronnie Jotten, aka Ian Bell, sings Sex Pistols songs dressed as the Queen

    She said: ‘It is a typical thing, a bit like the Susan Boyle thing, when someone walks on stage, you completely judge them as you see them and its always a surprise and it is always a bad thing for us all to do but it is human nature.

    ‘You just look at somebody and think about how they are physically rather than who they are.’

    Another dog act is also in contention again this year following on from the success of previous acts Kate and Gin and Tina and Chandi.

    But following the departure of Piers Morgan and the fact Simon Cowell will not appear until the later stages, will the judging panel of Amanda Holden, former Baywatch star David Hasselhoff and comedian Michael McIntyre be able to keep the viewing figures high?

    Left: Dolphin boy Blair Christie in London paints his body and balances a balloon on his nose

    Jump for it: The young members of the Freeman Dance group from Coventry look like extras from the film Bugsy Malone in trilbys and suits

    Not such a thriller: Steve Hall in a dance act that covers Michael Jackson, YMCA - and striptease

    Blow me down: Mary Sumah-Keh in Liverpool with a unique blend of harmonica playing and dancing

    Animal crackers: Forget baseball caps and lots of attitude, the teenage members of Character Moves do their dance moves as Disney favourites

    Singing sailor pig: Strangely, Andrew Evans is the first person to combine a pig mask and a matelot uniform

    Doggone it: Animal trainer Donelda Guy performs with her two dancing dogs Mega and Biba

    Above: Verena Langloh from London simply wears lots of rubber rings. She says it's art

    source: dailymail

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Aaargh! They're back: The weird, wacky and not so wonderful Britain's Got Talent wannabes

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