Thursday, April 14, 2011

All Saints Spring 2011 Lookbook

    The spring summer season comes with a great variety of interesting style alternatives to try. The All Saints spring 2011 lookbook makes no exception to the rule offering both casual outfits ideas as well as dressier options for a more elegant look.
    The warmer season seems closer and closer especially if we take a quick glimpse through some of the outfits presented in lookbooks released by many well known retailers. Whether we are talking about casual outfits or more elegant options the choices are very varied and very inspirational at the same time.

    The All Saints spring summer 2011 lookbook is very versatile in this sense as although casual outfits dominate more elegant outfits are also presented. Style diversity is certainly a strong emphasis in this lookbook as the looks are very varied. However the outfits tend to be charmingly simple to create, highlighting the idea that effortless style and glamor is indeed possible as long as you make the right selections.

    Highlighting some the season's main fashion trends the lookbook keeps the style rules basic and simple yet the results are undoubtedly very chic. Prints are an important part of the collection however other trends are also well emphasized. Stripes, ruffles, jumpsuits, midi skirts are also part of the lookbook to be able to suit a variety of tastes and preferences.

    Balanced and flattering the outfits are well proportioned. Chromatically speaking risk are also kept at the minimum due to the fact that aside from the colorful prints the color palette is quite restricted aside from a few pastel hues. The accessories are kept relatively simple and inconspicuous for the most part, creating a focal point nonetheless. Asymmetry is also subtly emphasized in certain outfits due to its ability to add visual interest.

    Jeans continue to be seen as an indispensable wardrobe staple being used in a many outfits due to the great variety of possibilities available when it comes to mixing and matching. Jeggings and ripped straight leg jeans tend to dominate the collection, reaffirming the popularity of the trend once again. Feminine accents are also used to add a chic allure to the outfits presented as well as to break the monotony .

    When it comes to a more elegant look the brand focuses on black outfits and dresses for a dramatic yet timeless look. From black jumpsuits to stylish black dresses the preference for solid colors for the ultimate classical look is more than obvious.

    Photo courtesy of All Saints
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All Saints Spring 2011 Lookbook

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