Monday, April 18, 2011

'I can't work out how to open the petrol thingy'


    What a beauty! Jonathan Ross shows off his - loaned - £200,000 Mercedes SLS gull wing - outside ITV studios

    Jonathan Ross is no stranger to flash cars, having owned a Morgan Roadster and Chrysler Crossfire in recent years.

    But it looks like he may have found a car a bit too complex for his expensive tastes.

    Borrowing a £200,000 Mercedes SLS for a week, the 50-year-old admitted he was
    struggling to use it properly.

    Right, how do I get out of this thing? The 6ft 1in presenter struggled to climb through the gull wing doors

    When he picked up the red sportscar this morning, he admitted he wasn't even sure what make it is, but soon found out the correct model from his Twitter followers.

    The Mercedes SLS has a 6.3 engine and can be recognised by its sound before it is seen due to its roaringly loud noise.

    But proving recent reviews of the vehicle right, Wossy looked like he was struggling to get in and out of the vehicle due to its gull wing doors.

    Mind your head! Wossy carefully manoeuvred himself out of the car as he headed into ITV studios for a meeting

    It is awesome! As much as he loves the car, it's only a temporary transit method for Ross

    source: dailymail

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'I can't work out how to open the petrol thingy'

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