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Chantelle Houghton flies out of the country after furious row


    Unhappy ending: What had started as a romantic picnic in London's Richmond Park turned into a huge tear-filled argument for Chantelle Houghton and her Crimewatch presenter boyfriend Rav Wilding

    Love's young dream appears to be lying rather wounded in the grass after Chantelle Houghton flew out the country yesterday following a furious public row with her Crimewatch presenter boyfriend Rav Wilding.

    Chantelle was left humiliated and in floods of tears after Rav laid into her during what was supposed to be a romantic picnic in London's Richmond Park.

    The mood turned sour between the pair, who have been dating since October, when Chantelle said something that sent her TV star boyfriend into an angry rage – leaving the Big Brother contestant in floods of tears.

    And yesterday, it looked like Chantelle had fled the country as she was spotted at Heathrow looking glum towing her suitcase behind her.

    Upset: The Celebrity Big Brother winner seemed pained when Rav went to touch her during their row

    In a cruelly ironic twist, just before what was meant to be their idyllic tryst in the park last week, former police officer Rav had written on his official Twitter account:'Morning! Off to town for meetings and then to meet the girl. I predict a good day.. Enjoy yours! X'

    But since then, the usually prolific Tweeters have been strangely silent on both of their accounts.

    There was no reply from Chantelle's PR to a message from Mail Online asking where the star was heading or whether she was still romantically involved with Rav.

    Get away: A sad-looking Chantelle was seen at Heathrow yesterday before she flew to a mystery destination

    Chantelle, 27, and Rav, 33, had shared a bottle of champagne before the bust-up as they lounged on the grass.

    The Crimewatch host then got to his feet in a rage and began shouting as Chantelle began to well up.

    An on-looker told The People: ‘The two were having an almighty row. She looked absolutely shocked as he pointed at her and even grabbed her arm.’

    ‘He looked furious. He was shouting at her and jabbing his finger.’

    It had started so well: At the start of their al fresco date, the pair had looked loved up and hugged and kissed

    Passionate: Rav and Chantelle shared a bottle of champagne and looked happy as they lounged on the grass

    Was it something she said? Rav's face looks confused as he pulls away from a kiss before the mood turns sour

    But as the couple chatted together the mood soon changed and Rav’s face displayed a look of

    Chantelle was left in tears and after Rav had finished shouting she got up and stormed off back to her car.

    Rav followed her and the pair continued to argue as they stood next to her Audi TT.

    The argument comes just days after Chantelle revealed she thought that the former Strictly Come Dancing contestant was going to propose during a weekend break at a spa.

    Finger of accusation: Rav made his point as he continued to rant at Chantelle

    She said: ‘I went really hot and my heart started beating and I couldn't speak - but he didn't (propose).'

    Chantelle and Rav confirmed they were dating in December last year after meeting in October and have gushed about their relationship in several magazine interviews.

    But it seems that all isn’t well with the couple and Chantelle has admitted that Rav finds it hard that she has been married before.

    Had enough: Reality TV star Chantelle appears to strop off as Rav looks on upset

    Poles apart: The pair look lost in their own thoughts as they leave what was meant to be a romantic picnic but descended into a row

    Chantelle met her ex-husband Preston of Ordinary Boys fame on Celebrity Big Brother and they married in August 2006 only to split 10 months later.

    Talking about her relationship with Rav she said: ‘We have little rows - Rav finds it really hard that I've been married before.’

    Parting not the sweetest sorrow: The pair certainly didn't appear to be on the best of terms before they got in the car to drive off

    Love hurts: The pair look daggers at each other as the drizzle begins to fall and quite literally put a dampener on their day out

    'It doesn't anger me but I don't like someone wanting to change my past because I wouldn't change it for anything - I don't regret any of it.'

    'I don't think Rav wants to acknowledge it, but what went on between me and Preston is important,' she added.

    source: dailymail

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Chantelle Houghton flies out of the country after furious row

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