Monday, April 18, 2011

Don't try this at work! Competitors hurl themselves 600ft down hill


    Is this a good idea? Two competitors look scared as their take part in the 3rd German office chair championships in Bad Koenig-Zell

    Here are a group of guys who always enjoy a good day at the office.

    They are the 58 competitors reaching speeds of up to 22mph racing down a steep hill in a sleepy German town.

    It was the third running of the German office chair championships - and each year the entrants get increasingly bizarre.

    Spectator sport: This man has decked his office chair out with a spoiler and handles to help him go faster

    Lift off: Georg Seeger leaves the ground in his beer-themed office chair during the 600ft descent

    Pierre Feller, from Luxembourg, took the title in the Bad König-Zell, in Hesse, on Saturday, completing the 600ft downhill run in just 26.95 seconds.

    Competition organiser René Karg told 'His lying-down technique was sensational!'

    Strict rules are in place for competitors. They are allowed to fit inline skate wheels and handles to their chairs, but no motorised aids are permitted.

    Mr Karg added: 'We check each chair in advance.'

    Near miss: Two competitors come close to a crash as they wheel over a ramp

    Giddee up: Heiko Winter, left, won the best design for his horse-themed office chair

    Along for the ride: One brave competitor smokes a cigar as he makes his run and, right, another winces as he crashes after crossing the finish line

    The participants race in pairs wearing protective padding as they launch themselves from a ramp.

    Second and third places were won by Andreas Ripper and Finn-Jan Rucktäschel.

    Heiko Winter won the best-designed chair. His effort was fitted with a horse's head and a saddle and he was dressed as a cowboy.

    Wipeout: This sequence of pictures shows the moment one entrant lost control of his modified chair and went flying

    Golden ticket: Pedro Crespo flies along with his knees inches above the ground during the competition

    source: dailymail

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Don't try this at work! Competitors hurl themselves 600ft down hill

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