Wednesday, April 20, 2011

From a rocker to a rabbit: Kate Moss ditches fiancé Jamie


    The look of bunny love: Kate Moss gazes at a man wearing a giant rabbit head in an odd new campaign for Chilean clothing brand Basement

    She's dated some unusual men during her time, but this latest crush may just be the oddest.

    Kate Moss seduces a giant rabbit in her latest modelling campaign for a Chilean clothing company Basement.

    The supermodel is seen lusting after a man in a suit wearing an oversized bunny head in the TV advert.

    Like my ears? The supermodel seduces the rabbit in the 'dream fantasy' advertisement

    The ad, which is like a more upbeat, sexy Donnie Darko, begins with the 37-year-old gazing out the window of a luxurious apartment, before turning to survey her crush, who is reading the newspaper.

    The suited rabbit then bursts into a tap dance and Kate responds by showing off some sexy dance moves of her own, wiggling her hands above her head like bunny ears.

    In another scene she attempts to distract her friend who is watching television by writhing in front of him in tiny leather shorts.

    From me to you: Moss presents her bunny beau with a bunch of carrots

    Seduction routine: she dances and writhes to distract her crush from watching TV

    The pair then exchange gifts - Kate presents the rabbit with a bunch of carrots, while he gifts her with a dress from Basement.

    Just as Moss is about to lean in for a grateful kiss, an alarm interrupts what is revealed to be a dream.

    Kate awakes from her bizarre slumber in a room surrounded by bunny rabbits and then says to the camera 'Good luck.'

    Penchant for bunnies: It turns out to be all a dream, as Kate wakes up in a roomful of rabbits

    Hope he's not the jealous type: Kate with her fiancé, rocker Jamie Hince

    The supermodel has been shedding her moody bad girl image to poke fun at herself in some of her more recent modelling jobs.

    Earlier this month she worked on a campaign for Mango in Paris, where she donned a mask bearing the likeness of famed photographer Terry Richardson.

    She and Terry, also wearing a mask of his own face, are seen running from a bank after robbing it.

    Sense of humour: Kate worked on a light-hearted campaign last week for Spanish brand Mango where she pretended to rob a bank

    Basement presenta "Dream Collection", con Kate Moss

    source: dailymail

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From a rocker to a rabbit: Kate Moss ditches fiancé Jamie

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