Friday, April 22, 2011

Is this the most precocious five-year-old in the world?


    Cruise shoes: Suri in high heels and co-ordinated outfit while out shopping with Katie's mother Kathy at shops in New York

    A sunny day in Beverly Hills and in a beautifully manicured garden a little girl is celebrating her fifth birthday. She sits at the head of the table, dressed in her favourite turquoise sunglasses and a pretty pink dress.

    Nothing out of the ordinary, then. Except that while she unwraps a doll, the guests have to shout over the whirring of helicopters above.

    Because this is no ordinary five-year-old — this is Suri Cruise, and the helicopters contain paparazzi desperate to get a shot of the little girl who is surely becoming the most photographed child in the world.

    Luxe look: Toting a designer bag on the way to a restaurant, and right, with a flower in her hair and wearing a heart-print dress to see a musical

    Welcome to Planet Suri, where the other inhabitants are, of course, her A-list parents Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.

    And the truth is that on this planet Suri is not just a little princess being doted on by her parents. In accordance with the doctrine of the Church of Scientology — of which her parents are devoted followers — she is apparently treated as an adult, free to make decisions on her clothes, make-up and diet.

    Glossy: Suri shops for make-up at beauty chain 'Sephora' in New York while wearing a long blue dress and pink shoes

    Scientology expert Rick Ross says that none of this should be a surprise: ‘Scientologists treat kids as if they are individuals capable of making their own decisions.’

    All the children have been raised as Scientologists. It is expected that Suri will start being ‘audited’ to check her for negative influences from the age of six onwards.

    And when they are in New York, Suri has a nanny and bodyguard and is taken around in an SUV or a helicopter.

    Has there ever been such an indulged girl? You can only wonder what she will be like when she’s blowing out the candles on her 18th birthday cake.

    Proud parents: Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, both devout followers of the Church of Scientology which states children should be treated as adults

    Tom Cruise, daughter Suri and wife Katie Holmes swarmed by the paparazzi in New york

    source: dailymail

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Is this the most precocious five-year-old in the world?

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