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Short Hair Styles trend 2009

    Short Hair Styles trend 2009There are four types of faces: oval, pear shaped, square and round. According to these, you should be able to choose the short hair styles that will suit you the most, so that the hair style will compliment the features of your face. So, the oval faces are longer than wider and the short hair styles are excellent for these faces. Opt for close cropped hair which is boyish and feminine at the same time. If you have a round face, so your cheeks are fuller which means you don’t have to make them look even bigger. So, the short hair styles for you will be those that are just above the cheekbones, with a lot of volume which will diminish the big look of your cheeks. As a matter of fact, all hair styles that will have volume will compliment your face and will make your cheeks look slimmer. For people with a pear shaped face, have larger jaws than cheekbones. The long hair styles are not at all recommended for this type of face, as they will put the accent on this disproportion, making the face look longer and even fatter. So, the short hair styles for this type should add volume on the upper part, which will put a balance between the jaws and the forehead zone, making the face look proportionate. When’s all said and done, the way your face is constructed plays an important role in the hair cut that you get.
    Short Hair Styles trend 2009

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Short Hair Styles trend 2009

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