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Working in Costumes

    Working in Costumes
    Photo credit: OiMax

    Photo credit: OiMax

    Everyone is looking for that fun job that you can enjoy and there are plenty. At Sonics you get to skate around and serve people and engineers seem to work at Google because of the playground environment; let’s face it: we all want to have an exciting job and sometimes that’ll even makeup for the low wages.

    Crazy as it may sound, cafes in Tokyo actually hire young, cute girls that will dress up like elegant maids and serve their customers, which are mostly men, like masters. Many Japanese people, even families, are into “costume playing” or dressing up like anime characters and a few years ago the first maid cafe was created in a city in Tokyo. Service is a lot different than a regular restaurant or cafe and the workers treat their customers with great respect.

    So who actually comes to these cafes? Young boys and rich men? Not quite, but close. Most of the customers end up being geeks that read the manga and watch the anime shows on TV. I find it rather amusing.

    I think the whole idea of working in costumes is an interesting idea, but I think I would get tired of it in the end. The maid costume is cute and certainly more creative than an ordinary work dress code, but the whole job working as a maid sounds very demanding. So what’s your idea of a fun job?

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Working in Costumes

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