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I Hate You But It’s Fine

    I Hate You But It’s Fine Review

    Rating: 9/10
    Many people are suprised that I would watch dramas that are considered “ajumma” dramas by some; those KBS dramas that are 160+ episodes and obviously 100 times the size of miniseries. However, my experience with these “ahjumma” dramas have always turned out well and I haven’t been disappointed with Pure 19 and As Much as Heaven and Earth, the two dramas before I Hate You But It’s Fine.
    As usual, this drama intertwines two families and defines the meaning of being a family and true love, etc. Kim Ji Suk (The Vineyard Man) plays Kang Baekho, a carefree bachelor who starts out as a sort of bum who is always risking his money on shakey investments and hore races. Han Ji Hye (Cloud Stairs, Sweet 18) plays Na Danpung who is a teamleader for Bonjour Foods and is a cautious and somewhat of a workholic. The drama revolves around this couple who don’t have the best first impression of each other, but grow fond of each other and fall in love. Of course, there are many different side plots to make this drama complicated and somehow unfold in the end. Danpung’s brother, Seonja, played by Jo Dong Hyuk (Snow in August), starts as college student who is love with his girlfried, Hwang Ji Young. However, he decides to spontaneously abadon his girlfriend to marry Bong Soo Ah, the daughter of the CEO of Bonjour foods. Throuhout the drama, we watch how successful Seongja is with this ambition-driven marriage and how Ji Young forgets about the jerk who left her. To make things even more exciting, Baekho is Soo Ah’s stepbrother and everthing gets more and more complicated as all these love stories intertwine.
    First off, I must applaud the superb acting done by these new actors/actresses and of course Han Ji Hye. I admit at first I wasn’t going to give this drama must thought because I had just finished As Much as Heaven and Earth and another 160-170 episodes seemed like another long 6-8 months of drama addiction. However, after watching the first couple of episodes, I was officially captured. I was really impressed by the especially high rating at the start of this drama which had a peak rating of around 43% (another Kim Sam Soon?) The chemistry between the Danpung and Baekho was truly admirable and attracting and I give my hat off to them (if i had a hat on… :)   One of the interesting aspects of this drama was the finalization of the main couple in this drama. What I mean is that in most of these dramas, the couple realizes their love for each other and such around episode 99-101. So here I am around episode 102 and so excited because I was thinking, come on, you need to get together by now. By episode 115, I was like, “did I miss something?” Finally in episode 121, it happened. Not too flashy (brownie point) and not too flatly either. Very interesting and capturing. The only cliche in this drama was the whole deal towards the end with the father figuring out Seongja’s bribing scheme and suddenly fainting and getting paralyzed and such. Besides that, there wasn’t much treading water on Baekho and Danpung’s part. Ironically, this is the first drama that I laughed at the attempted break up scene in episode 139. No crying, no pleading. Danpung’s first reacting was quite unique, but you’ll have to see for yourself :-D I recommend this drama on all levels even if you think that long dramas are a waste of time, I really really really recommend this for teenagers and even parents…
    EP 108-END w/English Subtitles: http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=WannieSarang


    Drama Note 8: Super Junior M – Chinese Style

     •May 6, 2008 • 62 Comments
    In April 2008, Super Junior M was officially established as a sub band to the popular Korean band Super Junior. Also under the contract of SM Entertainment, Super Junior M consists ofHan GengDonghae, Choi SiwonRyeowookKyuhyun from the original Super Junior and two new members, Henry and Zhou Mi. With their debut at the 8th Annual Music Chart Awards with their single “U”, they hope to spread their music throughout Asia, including Hong Kong, Korea and Taiwan. (The M at the end is supposed to stand for Mandarin, but I think it’s just there for some randomness and style.) Unfortunately, not all Super Junior fans are happy with this new band because of the two new singers that are introduced. Even before the official release of Super Junior M, protests were set against Henry and Zhou Mi because they were the only singers not from the original Super Junior. At the end of October 2007, about 400 fans sat outside the SM Entertainment office to support singers only from the original thirteen members of Super Junior. After the official release of the band, over five thousand protesters invaded Super Junior M’s official blog; forcing SM Entertainment to lock the comment box.
    I really loved the protesting, especially because all the protests were Chinese fans who were protesting against Chinese singers (that’s a kicker). Maybe I’m new at this, but usually I listen to music for the quality of the singing and the not the face singing. Given, most people calculate the face as an important factor, but seriously, Super Junior M already has five original Super Junior members and two newbie aren’t going to kill the music unless they are bad at singing. Protesting outside the SM Entertainment headquaters? A little extreme, no? But heck, Chinese people can all protest against their own singers, to advocate Korean singers that they can’t even understand! Don’t get me wrong, I’m a Super Junior semi-fan as well, so I can understand how they are addicting, but I’m also willing to give the new guys a shot at this. Look forward to Henry and Zhou Mi’s singing in the future!
    Super Junior M – U

    Drama Note 7: Jang Geun Suk – The Next Big Korean Actor

     •April 21, 2008 • 41 Comments
    Upcoming star Jang Geun Suk has been recently seen in more and more dramas and movies. Making his drama debut at the age of 17 in Nonstop 4 in 2003 and again in 2005 in Lovers in Prague, I think that he is becoming one of the upcoming stars with a lot a potential in acting. Recently I have seen him in Hong Gil Dong and The Longest 24 Months and even though he didn’t catch my eye in the beginning; gradually I have become more and more aware of his participation in the acting business. Unfortunately I didn’t see him in the 2006 Kdrama Hwang Ji Yi where he won best couple with Han Ji Won. Shucks… 
      After a spectular acting as an underdog king in Hong Gil Dong earlier this year, Jang Geun Suk has just appeared earlier this month in the movie Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do (longest name ever thought… jk) In this movie, Jang Geun Suk plays a rising singer opposite Cha Ye Ryun (Bad Love). Anways, while anxiously waiting for this movie to be english subbed, I decided to do some background check on this movie. Suprisingly, this movie was completed a few years ago, but problems with promotion and production had delayed it for about two years! So for those of you who despised Cha Ye Ryun a.k.a. Joanna in Bad Love, keep in mind she finished this movie before that drama. Rumors run that this movie is based on the fan fiction on soompi also called Do Re Mi Fa So La that can be read here: http://www.soompi.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=1630. Look forward to this drama and some spectacular acting and singing (yay!!) from Jang Geun Suk.
    Here are some MVs and OST songs:
    Full of Sunshine – Jang Geun Suk

    Waiting for E Time

    Do Re Mi Fa So La Trailer

    Do Re Mi Fa So La Trailer 2

    Drama Note 6:Dramas postponed this week

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    Apparently, wednesday and thursday dramas have been cancelled this week due to a Korean election taking place and episodes supposed to be aired today, wednesday will be aired on thursday instead. The dramas that have been affected are Who Are You? , On Air, and Likeable or not/I Hate You But It’s Fine and the one exception is One Mom Three Dads that did show its third episode today. Too bad for the delay, but hope that they go well! Here are the dramas and what episodes will be airing tomorrow:
    Who Are You? : Episode 11
    Likeable or not/I Hate You But It’s Fine: Episode 156
    On Air: Episode 11

    Drama Note 5: SG Wanna Breakup?

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    SG Wannabe Fourth Album Cover: The Sentimental Chord
    Many of Korean music like myself know about the successful band called SG Wannabe composed of three members: Chae Dong Ha, Kim Yong Jun and Kim Jin Ho. They have been active since 2004 and since then have won numerous awards including several Golden Disc Awards in 2005 and 2007. Even though this is late news (again -_-) it has been confirmed that Chae Dong Ha has decided to leave SG Wannabe in his pursuit for a music and acting career, the latter which is not supported by his agency, Mnet Media. It was confirmed at the end of January 2008 that SG Wannbe’s 5th album coming up in March will be Chae Dong Ha’s last participation as  member of SG Wannabe. How will this artists survive in the acting field? I’m curious for his first movie/drama and then decide on his potential as an actors… We’ll miss you Chae Dong Ha! Here is some information on their discography:
    1. Wanna Be + / Released: January 2004
    2. Saldaga (살다가) (As We Live) / Released: March 2005
    3. The 3rd Masterpiece / Released: April 2006
    4. The Sentimental Chord / Released: April 2007
    Special Albums
    1. The Classical Odyssey/ Released: September 2005
    2. The Precious History Best Album / Released: November 2006
    3. SG Wanna Be+ (Music 2.0 Special Edition / Released: August 2007
    4. Story in New York / Released November 2007
    Some of their more famous music videos and songs. Be prepared for some tear jerkers…

    Only WInd Only Wind (ft. Dennis Oh and Ha Ga In)

    Drama Note 4: Won Bin… Back?

     •March 28, 2008 • 7 Comments
    For fans of Autumn Tale and Friends, you’ll be happy to here that the famous Won Bin is considering a return to the screen after his last drama production in 2004 Friends, a Japanese and Korean four episode drama.
    Won Bin, after about four years, is considering to return to screen in a film and not a drama (sorry guys!) later this year. It’s not definite and chances are 50/50, but let’s keep our fingers crossed!
    **credit to dramabeans.com for the information 

    Hong Gil Dong Review

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    Rating: 8.5/10
    I want to take this opportunity to give a shout of thanks to dramabeans for uploading the episode summaries for Hong Gil Dong for the past three months and always having it out so fast. Applaud for dramabeans! As many of you know, Hong Gil Dong ended this week with a completed 24 episodes and coming up with a 1 hour special to fill up the extra slot.
    I think that Jang Geun Suk (Chang Whe), Kang Ji Wan (Hong Gil Dong), and Sung Yu Ri (Enok) all deserve applause for outstanding acting in this drama. The acting was very convincing and even in the tense moments, you could feel the emotions and the chemistry between Enok and Gil Dong. Another plus was the sunglasses. May sound trivial, but I love those sunglasses! Just kidding. Another brownie point goes for the humor in this drama because there are actually some pretty fun moments, usually with Enok, that are funny and not corny. Not a shallow drama, because it does contain some depth in the storyline and there aren’t too many episodes that you feel like you’re just floating on water and not moving.
    Some down points go for the chemistry of Enok and Gil Dong. The chemistry between was really nice and cute when was actually time for it and the couple looked really cute, but I felt that there were hardly any episodes that they were actually together. If you recall, there was time spent apart for the arrow incident around episode 7 and 8 and the disappearance which lasted for a couple of episodes. Then there were just some episodes that they really didn’t interact at all and then there the last separation after her grandfather was killed and Enok realized her true identidy which took off a couple more episodes. So… if you add them up, not too many episodes together, but I think that in this kind of plot, it didn’t make a super big blow.
    The major boo-boo that I felt in this drama was in the ending and the last episode. It wasn’t bad… okay maybe a little, but it wasn’t terribly horrific like some ambigious endings. First, it didn’t really connect with the first episode that shows the entire drama as a flashback so the audience, at least me, felt - okay, this is going to be a happy ending so why not watch it – sort of feeling. But, no, let’s have everyone get married finally after episodes of torture and agony, and then die in a beautiful shower of …. arrows on fire! makes it so much the merrier. I love how the flying arrows were tried to be perceived as a shooting star kind of picture. Yah, we’re all happy so let’s just stand here hand and hand and wait to be stabbed by arrows and burn to death because that is always the prettiest picture. Although, I do like that no dying bodies were shown and the flower and the plant were still there, very symbolic that the Hwang Bil Dang group is still with us in our hearts. Also unhappy about Gom being picked as the next heir. What?! I love Gom and all but heck if you want a pair to live, like Gil Dong and Enok live, not the teenage boy. Way to go…. But I must agree with dramabeans that KING Chang Whe would have to kill Gil Dong and Enok in order for the protection of his people, not because he wanted to. I felt his pain too because he had to send people to kill one of his best friends and the love of his life. Feeling for Chang Whe….
    But I must add as a side note that don’t just read the summary for this episode because watching it really makes a difference really really important for this episode. I think that the directors did an awesome job witht the mood in this last episode. There’s a difference because a mediocre ending and showing that it’s mediocre. I almost cried my eyes out becaues the dialogue between Gil Dong and Enok was so heart-warming it was amazing!
    The very very end with all the abstract lecture to Gom and then Hong Gil Dong was standing on the roof of a building during the present time… that part was interesting, innovative I think. But I don’t think the stick would quite go with this time period, more like a gun or something, but it’s always nice to stick with the old.
    I really recommend this drama even though I was shocked by the ending, but I think I’ll get over it… someday and beside the last episode, please do watch and support Hong Gil Dong!!! Excellent drama!

    Drama Note 3: Go! Fried Rice?

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    Just browing threw d-addicts to get ready for more dramas that will be coming up in the late spring and summer when I came across this one. Looks like sort of a Fahrenheit reunion with Jiro and Tang Yu Zhe coming out as cooks. I must say though, very attractive title….
    Introduction to the cast first off. If you don’t know Jiro and Tang Yu Zhe aka Danson Tang, they’re from a Taiwanese band called Fahrenheit and I believe that Jiro was in It Started with A Kiss I and Tang Yu Zhe was in Hana Kimi and both are in It Started With A Kiss II. Genie Zhou from Engagement of Love and E Nu A Chu has returned to the screen along with newcomer Xiao Xun from Brown Sugar Macchiato who is interesting named Wasabi… Onto the plot, seems that Yu Zhe plays the silent lover from the sidelines, who is in love with Genie Zhou who has become a singing sensating. okay… and she randomly gets into an automobile accident and becomes blind, coincidentially right before Yu Zhe’s confession of love. He feels that he is responsible and wants to take care of Genie Zhou, but in order not to be a burden to him (how many times do we have to go over this, not going to be a burden! just try it for once, goodness.) she rejects him. (supposed to make him happier…) Meanwhile, Genie decides to suddenly eat fried rice and eggs which gives here the sensation of happiness and the cooker is Jiro (dubbed Michelin in the drama) who happens only to cook fried rice and cooks 100 plates a day for his town. So much for a totally realistic plot. Genie Zhou falls in love with Jiro (or just his fried rice) and vice versa which inspires Jiro to try for different dishes and tastes. Meanwhile, Yu Zhe looks on from the sidelines as his childhood love gets stolen by a guy named Michelin…. nice.
    Well, sounds interesting and I’ll probably watch the first couple episodes and see if it’s not another mellow drama. With Jiro, it may be a comedy, so I look forward to it and hope that you guys do too. 
    (I know that I haven’t clarified this yet, but drama notes are just info. on dramas that will be coming up this year and are not targeted in particular. Just some background information for those who want to know whether or not to watch which dramas.  I might just do it once a week on a Sunday or something…)

    Bull Fighting Review

     •March 22, 2008 • 2 Comments
     Rating: 7.5/10
    This drama was the excitment for most Mike He fans in the beginning of the new year, especially for those who were disappointed with Why Why Love aka remake of Devil Beside You with a slight twist and change of names. Bull Fighting on the other hand started with a very intriguing plot, especially for a TW drama  that usually use a classic plot line. Hebe, playing the strong-willed but soft-hearted girl who has always been protected and is bonded to a basketball court? A little wierd, but I liked the unique thought. Mike He, on the other hand, rich, handsome, and star basketball player, who is stubborn and waiting for someone to love him. Lee Wei, the man who is in a one-sided love interest affair with Hebe and to hide it, he decides to act as her bodyguard. Like I said, really love the originality in this drama, but Hebe and Mike He just didn’t click for me in the beginning. I felt that the drama was beginning to tread water towards the latter half of the drama with the “leaving you to benefit you” kind of thing and “I’m happy if I watch you from a distance” thing going on. Love it when I saw in an a drama once, but… kind of tired of it after seeing it about twenty times. Even though I didn’t really like the couple in the beginning, I started to see the chemistry in the end and really liked the ending. As for Lee Wei and his side of the love story, I felt for him after the realization of who his father was, but the leaving was kind of unecessary, but he came around, so it was a nice comeback. One of the bonuses about this drama was that not only did you figure out the ending of the main couple between Hebe and Mike, the directors also hinting Lee Wei’s ending with his lover. Very cute, very cute. As for Hebe’s other two bodyguards, I wouldn’t trust them guarding me, but very very cute, again, especially the outfits.
     The music of course is also a very important factor that I consider when I rate dramas. A lot of people think that soundtracks are superficial and shouldn’t affect how a person watches or enjoys a drama. However, I really like to listen to how the background music stimulates the scene and good music always improves a scene. The theme song, by Tankm was very stimulating and meshed well with the opening scene. You can feel the rhythm and even though I’m not a huge fan of Tank’s music, it was one of his best songs that I have ever heard. The ending song itself was very nice and I give applause to the artists, but the ending scene…. well, very interesting. It was like basketball, matrix style. First, the dress and tux, creative and intuitive and the flowers (or whatever the white stuff was) were a bit heavy, but overall nice environment. It’s the acting that bothered me.
    In conclusion, if you want to watch a persevering love couple going through a whole lot of hardship and if you think you can handle a couple of treading in water episodes give this a try. But in general, very nice drama and hope that you all enjoy!

    Drama Note 2: Same Cast, Same Plot, Different Name?

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         ying-ye-3-jia-1.jpg                           prince-turns-into-frog.jpg                  
    I believe that dramas are meant ot bring suspension, happiness, sadness, relief, and romance into the minds of its viewers every time we watch a new drama. We see adn sometimes fall in love wiht a new couple that comes on the screen and applaud accomplishments and look down on foul plays and clickes. Prince Turns into Frog is one of my favorite dramas and probably will always be and I loved Ming Dao and CHen Chiao En together as a couple. The drama received high rating, but I always tell people that don’t ever base your own opinion on rating. What I dodn’t expect was Prince Turns into Frog II: Ying Ye 3 Jia 1. Same leading couple just a different setting and different supporting characterss. Not that I was dissapointed with this reuniting, just not in another drama. THe producers, directors, and writers thought that they could fool the public and predicted that Ying Ye 3 Jia 1 was be a hit just because of the couple. Wrong.  But Ying Ye 3 JIa 1 wasn’t the only sequel that came out last year, Devil BEside You got an added attachment with Why Why Love. Mke He, Kingone, and Rainie back together again. Really, don’t get the wrong idea that I don’t love these couples, just not tactful to put them together in the same drama. Just seeing them in the same setting and drama seems to more like cast plagarism than a new drama.
     why-why-love.jpg                               devil-beside-you.jpg      
    But despite the knowledge that there are the same cast and characters, it’s always the best to give an open mind to every new drama that comes in your way. I wouldn’t have been so disappointed in both of the dramas if they weren’t both clickes and what I call “classical plot dramas”. The plot was, in short, two people meeting each other and originally hating each other, then falling in love with each other, and then being together in the end. Well, almost all the dramas are structured this way, so what is the problem with both of these dramas. Both started treading water towards the middle-end sections when both of the male actors get some miraculous disease (that are usually really random) and then they try to fend off the girl with some idiotic reason and always ” I’m leaving you because I love you.” I don’t know how many times I have to say this but, that’s sweeet and all, but don’t go breaking some girl’s heart because YOU think it’s the best for everyone because it usually turs out not being the best. Where has the originality gone?

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