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Beauty spot: 5 facts about acne

    5 facts about acne

    Acne starts with congestion, whiteheads, blackheads
    When little bumps under your skin form, that’s congestion – the first sign it’s about to turn ugly. When you see blackheads or whiteheads appear – you know the heat is being turned up, the pressure is on because those suckers about to get big, red and swollen. Nip pimples in the butt before they have a chance to attack by fighting back at the earliest stage possible. Do this by switching to a mineral makeup for a few days or using a clearing gel overnight like the Intraceuticals clarity treat gel, pictured.

    Your cosmetics plays a big role in the state of your skin
    So many girls are under the impression that your moisturizer works as a barrier against your foundation, powder and blush. This is simply not true, anything you put onto your skin is going to seep into your pores and have a positive or a negative effect. By checking out the ingredients of cosmetics before you buy will save you heartache and frustration when you’ve still got spots even with a killer skin care regime. Talk to beauty counter managers about your skin and ask for recommendations for acne friendly foundation and powder.

    You can eat chocolate
    It’s such a horrible myth that chocolate cause acne. I don’t know who started it but it’s completely false. Indulge in a Dairy Milk bar tonight.

    You don’t necessarily need to see a dermatologist if you have pimples
    If you are thinking of visiting a dermatologist for a few spots here and there, think carefully about the money your about to blow or see a GP first. Dermatologists are A. expensive and B. offer medical treatment you might not need. Try a few different recommended cleansers first. Try Origins Zero Oil Pore purifying toner and moisturizer with Saw Palmetto and Mint from Kit Cosmetics

    Spot treatment works
    Spot treatments are so great for drying out spots. I became discouraged after using many different supermarket brand spot clearing treatments and not seeing any results. I’ve now come to realize that paying that little bit extra for a dermatologist tested treatment will make a world of different to the redness and swelling of your spots. Try Mario Badescu Drying Lotion $48.95 or Dermalogica MediBac Overnight Clearing Gel $64.00 from Kit Cosmetics or (pictured)

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