Friday, April 22, 2011

Lady Gaga takes ANOTHER spectacular tumble on stage


    Shame: This latest embarrassment is the second time the singer has fallen on stage this month

    Lady Gaga has taken a humiliating tumble on stage for the second time this month.

    Video has emerged showing the Paparazzi singer tripping over her jacket during a live show in Atlanta last night.

    But as a true professional she got right back up and continued her performance like nothing had happened.

    Hitting hard: The singer had done several head rolls so maybe she had gotten dizzy

    The 25-year-old singer was singing and dancing to Poker Face and did several head rolls and before throwing her jacket onto the floor.

    As she continued her dance routine she then stepped onto jacket, stumbled before falling flat on the floor.

    A minder at the bottom of the stage then took the jacket so she would not fall again and Gaga pranced forward onto the stage to join her dancers and effortlessly joined in the choreographed routine.

    Several video pieced together show her spectacular fall from different angles.

    Caught on camera: Several videos of the fall were taken which showed Gaga from varying angles

    Less than two weeks ago Gaga made another fall as she jumped off of her piano wearing towering heels in the middle of a song in Houston on April 10.

    Leaping off the burning piano onto the stool, her heel accidentally flicked the stool away from her, and Gaga fell flat on her back under the piano.

    The singer has had to issue an apology recently after using an offensive term during an interview with NME magazine.

    Lady Gaga falls on stage during Poker Face live in Atlanta MONSTER BALL / Different Angles

    source: dailymail

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Lady Gaga takes ANOTHER spectacular tumble on stage

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