Monday, April 18, 2011

Let us play: Scares of the faithful as 16 vicars hit theme park rides


    Living on a prayer: 16 vicars auditioning to conduct an 'extreme' Easter service at Alton Towers next Sunday gathered for their audition yesterday which consisted of a hair-raising turn on the ride Oblivion

    Living by the seat of their pants... or perhaps just on a prayer!
    16 vicars spent the weekend testing out their nerve on a host of scary rides at Alton Towers and Thorpe Park as they auditioned to conduct a special 'Extreme Easter' service at the parks next Sunday.

    The daredevil reverends could be seen clasping their hands in prayer and raising their arms to the Almighty as they took part in a number of extreme rides at the two parks.

    Say a little prayer for me: The vicars looked to be enjoying their time at the park. They appeared to be appealing for a little help from the divine as they joined visitors at Alton Towers on the Thi3teen ride

    Hair praising! The joint venture between Alton Towers and Thorp park is designed to attract worshipers with an exciting alternative when it comes to worshiping. The theme parks will conduct a duel extreme Easter Sunday service next Sunday

    The joint services next Sunday is designed to address the problem of falling church numbers in the UK by offering visitors a chance to worship at the popular attractions.

    The vicars were put through their paces on a number of grueling rides, including Oblivion at Alton Towers in Staffordshire and The SAW ride at Thorpe Park in Surrey.

    The vicars can even be seen clutching and reading from their bibles on the Storm Surge ride.

    Well, they do say God works in mysterious ways, so why not on a roller-coaster!

    Storm in a tea cup: Auditioning vicars brave the spray and try to conduct a service as they whoosh down the Storm Surge ride at Thorpe Park

    source: dailymail

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Let us play: Scares of the faithful as 16 vicars hit theme park rides

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