Sunday, May 1, 2011

After School makes a comeback with ‘Shampoo’ on Inkigayo

    After a long hiatus, the After School girls are back on SBS’s Inkigayo with a brand new round of promotions after releasing their first album, “Virgin” earlier this week.

    Decked out with a lovelier and more feminine concept, the girls have filled the album to the brim with songs that hold motivating themes like confidence and individuality. It’s been a long year since their last “Bang!” release, so the girls have set out to make this comeback particularly special.

    In an interview with Sports Today, After School stated, “Because of a chain of events last year, we weren’t able to promote as a group. We’ve missed the stage that much more, and we’d like to emphasize that we’re promoting as a group now. It’s so fun and we love it.”

    When asked about their tap dance routine, they replied, “It’s the result of five months of practice. Because of our personal schedules, we didn’t have a lot of time to practice but we truly tried our best. With our ‘Bang!’ promotions, we were always injuring our fingers. This time it’s our toes.”

    The girls concluded, “We’ve been promoting individually until finally getting back together in nearly a year. Because of that, we’ll be giving our best on stage. Please give us your support, as we’ll be promoting for as long as possible.”

    Their title track, “Shampoo”, was written by poet Won Tae Yeon (of Secret Garden’s “That Man“) and composed by Japanese producer, Daishi Dance.

    With a subtle piano melody and an emphasis on the emotions behind the lyrics, the song seamlessly weaves in and out of After School’s beautiful vocals and powerful rapping.

    Check out their comeback stage, which also includes “Let’s Step Up“!

    source: allkpop

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After School makes a comeback with ‘Shampoo’ on Inkigayo

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