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Floored! The moment female 'sexism row' referee was flattened by football player...


    Full force: Assistant referee Sian Massey feels the power of Cardiff City player Kevin McNaughton's shoulder as she is hurled out of his way

    This is the moment that the female linesman at the centre of a sexism row is violently knocked to the ground by a Cardiff City football player.

    Defender Kevin McNaughton is seen running to keep the ball in play when he appears to drop his shoulder and steer himself into Sian Massey.

    She is hit with such force that her head snaps back and she is flung across the pitch.

    Ungentlemanly McNaughton simply gets up and walks away without even checking to see if she is injured, let alone help her up or apologise.

    Kevin McNaughton stops the ball from going over the line, just where Sian Massey was standing

    Some viewers have demanded that he should say sorry for his actions. However his agent has said he does not need to apologise for anything.

    Massey was at the centre of a row over comments made by Andy Gray and Richard Keys who said that women 'don't know the offside rule', ultimately leading to them losing their jobs at Sky Sports.

    Video footage from Monday's match between Cardiff City and Middlesbrough shows McNaughton running for the ball to try to keep it in play, but he was blocked by opposing player Rhys Williams.

    He manages to stop the ball from going over the line but then continues running at full pelt, and looks like he swerves, hurtling into Miss Massey.

    She is flung along the pitch a couple of metres by the force of the 'collision'

    She takes the full brute force of his shoulder barge and is sent flying to the ground without an apology or offer of help back to her feet.

    Fortunately, Miss Massey takes the event in good humour and is seen smiling as she gets back up off the ground.

    The football crowd cheered as she falls to the ground but, keeping her composure and professionalism, she gets back up and even gives a goal kick before having a chuckle with referee Graham Scott.

    Massey is flung to the ground but McNaughton runs off without as much as an apology

    Some have speculated on YouTube that the actions appear to be deliberate. One user said: 'He changes direction. It's deliberate and disgusting. The fact that he just trots off makes it more obvious.'

    Another said: 'He makes the challenge on the Boro player and then deliberately side steps and increases his speed into the path of Sian Massey before using his body weight to barge her over.

    'She's lucky not to have any broken bones.'

    She sees the funny side of the incident, however, and shares a chuckle with referee Graham Scott

    A club spokesman said: 'Kevin didn't do it on purpose - he was trying to get the ball.'

    John Viola, McNaughton's agent, said the allegations were 'absolute nonsense'.

    He added: 'He is not that type of guy, he is the nicest player you would ever meet in your life so anyone suggesting he did it on purpose is crazy.'

    When asked why he didn't stop to help her back to her feet or apologise he said: 'He was concentrating on the game. He is a focused footballer.

    'I don't know (if he will be contacting her to apologise), I'm abroad at the moment and I haven't spoken to him about that.'

    Knockdown: Cardiff City player Kevin McNaughton has been accused by some fans of running into assistant referee Sian Massey on purpose

    The referee was brought to the nation's attention after sexist remarks by Andy Gray, left, and Richard Keys - leading to them losing their jobs at Sky Sports

    Cardiff city player knocks over female linesman!!

    source: dailymail

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Floored! The moment female 'sexism row' referee was flattened by football player...

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