Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Reese and R-Patz put on a loving show


    Friends again? It looked like the co-stars had made up after their embarrassing fall-out over the filming of their love scenes at the premiere tonight - but she didn'

    They play lovers on screen but have been increasingly awkward promoting their film together - but Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon put on a crowd-pleasing display of emotional acrobatics at the London premiere of Water For Elephants tonight.

    Last night, they were launching the circus-based film in Barcelona, with both looking like they'd rather walk the trapeze unaided than go up the red carpet together.

    But tonight at the capital's Westfield shopping centre, they pulled out all the stops to look affectionate with each other.

    All smiles: Reese Witherspoon and Robert Pattinson on the red carpet for the UK premiere of their new movie Water for Elephants at London's Westfield centre tonight

    Reese, 35, made a big show of laughing and joking with her co-star in an off-the-shoulder tight blue dress and nude Louboutin peep toes.

    Twilight star R-Patz, 24, meanwhile was suitably vampiric in a black suit, black shirt and tie and shiny black shoes

    As well as clowning around for the cameras, they even gazed in each other's eyes at one point - a far cry from the Paris premiere at the weekend when the pair could barely raise a smile.

    Back in black: Twilight star Robert was wearing a suit perhaps more suited to his Edward Cullen character

    What a performance: Reese was more than happy to lark and around and pose for the fans on the red carpet

    Still, it was the least they could do considering that some fans had queued almost two days to be in the front row for the first night of the film in the UK.

    Held at the Vue cinemas in west London's Westfield shopping centre, the movie's circus theme had been borne out with mocked up sawdust rings and T4's Rick Edwards bizarrely acting as ringmaster.

    The film is a love story between Reese's and Robert’s characters, in which Robert's veterinary student abandons his studies after his parents are killed and joins a traveling circus as their vet.

    In the spotlight: The pair appeared much more comfortable together on the red carpet in London than they had over the past couple of days in Paris or Barcelona

    Ringmaster: Premiere host Rick Edwards asked Robert questions before hundreds of screaming fans all desperate to take his photo - leaving the Twilight star looking somewhat bemused

    Hometown crowd: London-born Robert signs autographs for fans under the watchful eye of a bodyguard in the shopping centre

    No big top: But there was a circus ring, minus sawdust and elephants, for the UK premiere at London's Westfield Shopping Centre

    Patient: Die-hard Pattinson fans, some from as far away as Italy, had camped for up to two days to catch a glimpse of their idol

    Making the most of it: Lucy Meck, Jessica Wright and Lydia Bright from The Only Way Is Essex were making the most of their new found fame by attending the premiere

    Water For Elephants Movie Trailer Official (HD)

    source: dailymail

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Reese and R-Patz put on a loving show

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