Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sarah Jessica Parker spent yesterday with her twin daughters


    Doting mother: Sarah Jessica Parker spent yesterday with her twin daughters in Manhattan

    She's famous for playing the hippest fashionista who ever walked the streets of Manhattan, but isn't it refreshing to see Sarah Jessica Parker like this?

    The 46-year-old actress spent yesterday with her 22-month-old twin daughters in Manhattan, in a casual outfit that would no doubt horrify alter ego Carrie Bradshaw.

    But then wafer-thin Carrie, who pirouettes through the city's streets in heels and mini-skirts - often with a giant flower on her head, always tries a bit too hard.

    Wardrobe malfunction: Parker unwittingly reveals undergarments as tends to daughter

    And it's very hard to manage toddlers while wearing Manolo Blahniks, after all.

    It's a refreshingly normal outfit from Parker, who normally tries to promote the cutting-edge fashion at the heart of her juggernaut of a franchise.

    Clearly her focus for the day is firmly upon her twin daughters Marion and Tabitha.

    A lovely sight: Parker looked refreshingly normal on day out with her girls

    It was quite a transformation, from Carrie with cigarette and phone in either hand, to the working mum with pram and toddlers in tow.

    Parker even shrugged off a wardrobe malfunction with a smile, as she bent over to tend to one of her beautiful daughters.

    The trio enjoyed the morning at a playground before heading to buy groceries, where Parker checked a recipe list carefully.

    The star even carried her own shopping bags, and still looked as chic as Carrie wielding a clutch bag.

    And while her clothes weren't sharp, the response to reports that Parker leaves the bulk of her childcare to two nannies, was implicitly so.

    Silencing critics: Parker even did her own grocery shopping

    Working mother: Parker checks her recipe list as she shops

    Showbiz, me?: Parker even carries her own shopping bags

    source: dailymail

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Sarah Jessica Parker spent yesterday with her twin daughters

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